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What are Candle warmers?

Don't you like that feeling coming home from a busy time at work and then you are greeted with a nice smell, it feels destressing isn't it? There is always so magical about scented candles and literally lights up a room.


Nowadays people have been switching to essential oils and ditching candles as it produces harmful fumes everytime we light one. What if I tell you, that we have a very simple technology to make use of your scented candle without the fumes?


Let me introduce you to our candle warmer! It's such a simple technology, powered by halogen lamp that basically acts as a source of dim light that heats up any scented candles that you have at home and slowly releases its cinnamon or vanilla scent! Not to mention it adds a lovely accent into your living room, bedroom, or any room that you have at home.


It's a perfect gift this holiday season, don't miss out and give the gift of light to your loved ones!

A candle warmer is a tool that heats up and melts scented candles without use of a flame. The device is plugged in, and uses electrical power that heats your chosen scented candle.

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Not only it is aesthetically pleasing to look at, they will give you better results compared to lighting a candle.


Usually when burning a candle, you often find soot which disrupts the
actual scent. With candle warmers, the smell is clean and true to the scent.

Longer Burning Hours

Due to the heating mechanism of a candle warmer, the candle would last longer.

Safer compared to lighting a candle

Candle warmers are a safer option for burning candles and/or wax because there is no open flame.

Balanced Melting of the Candle

With large candles in particular, often the wax furthest from the wick does not melt. A candle warmer solves this problem by heating the candle evenly.

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